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We keep your industrial facility running safely & dependably.

RMC Mechanical Contractors design and build industrial facilities, then keep them running safe and profitable with innovative and dependable material handling systems.

Innovative Design

Every detail matters when it comes to gettign the most out of your material handling systems. Contact us to optimize safety and profitability.

Dependable Fabrication

You don’t have to settle. If you need a tool or machine that doesn’t exist, we can design, build, install and laser align it for you.

Safe Maintainance

We help you track maintenance so we can provide preventative maintenance to minimize unexpected downtime.

Quality Repairs

Don’t let broken machinery and systems endanger worker safety and cause costly downtime. Contact us immediately for quality, safe, and fair repairs.

Thanks to RMC Mechanical Contractors, we went from raw land to a state-of-the-art operations facility in less than six months. We’re ecstatic with the results.

Joseph Wright

Alpha Manufacturing, Inc.

When production stops because of a needed repair, RMC Mechanical Contractors quickly and safely make the repairs required to get your industrial facility online again.

We improve our customer’s safety and productivity every year.

Employees should feel safe at work and industrial facilities should be competitive globally. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our customer’s operations running efficient and safe.

RMC Mechanical Contractors design, fabricate and maintain innovative and dependable material handling systems at industrial facilities so they can increase productivity and profits while keeping workers safe.

Industrial Design & Fabrication

Start or grow your business with RMC handling the design and fabrication of your industrial structures, custom tools, and material handling systems.

Industrial Construction

From design to the construction of industrial buildings and material handling systems, RMC optimizes your facility’s efficiency.

Field Installation & Maintenance

Improve the safety and production of your facility by hiring RMC to install and maintain factory-provided or custom fabricated equipment.

Mechanical & Industrial Repair

With us as your vendor, your staff stays focused on their daily tasks while we take care of maintenance and unordinary equipment issues.

Laser Alignment

RMC maximizes your efficiency and decreases equipment damage by ensuring your coupled rotating machinery is precision aligned.

Pipefitting, Welding & Iron Work

RMC experienced pipefitters, welders, and ironworkers work with many materials, including stainless, carbon steel, and aluminum.

Millwright Services

Equipment installation by our skilled and experienced millwrights limit warranty issues, employee injury, and machinery failure.

Some of the industries we serve…



Central Plants

Coal & Biomass


Design Build


Heavy Industry


Iron & Steel




Mining & Quarry

Theme Parks

Free Download:

7 Things Every Material Handling System Should Include

If your facility depends on a material handling system, seven things can make or break the safety and dependability of your organization. Download this free guide, and in less than 20 minutes, you’ll learn how to improve the safety and reliability of your facility’s material handling system.

For general inquiries, contact us by phone or email.

RMC Mechanical Contractors office of operations is in Chelsea, Alabama. We serve the Southeast with industrial design, construction, preventative maintenance, repairs, fabrication, and more.